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MedIT eliminates the exorbitant costs created by staff turnover MedIT eliminates the exorbitant costs created by staff turnover

Most practices rely heavily on one or two key people to manage the billing process. The loss of these individuals – due to other job opportunities, moves, pregnancy or other reasons – can severely cripple your practice’s billing.

Think about it: how long would it take to train a new medical specialist from scratch? Would you spend your valuable time training or would you pay someone else to show the new person the ropes? What happens if something is inadvertently miscoded, causing your bill to be rejected or your payment to be significantly delayed? Could your practice really afford to lose thousands of dollars because of a “new hire” who isn’t yet up to speed?

Keep in mind that the cost associated with new employee hiring, training and turnover is estimated to run as high as $5,000 for each staff member. And that doesn’t even take into account all the other costs:
  • Salaries and benefits for staff (generally, one billing staff member for each physician in your new practice)
  • Initial off-site training on how to use your billing software
  • Continuous training on billing changes that affect how they do their job, including Medicare billing and coding policies
  • Credentialing of billing staff
  • Reinvestment in training if a billing staff member decides to leave your practice
MedIT medical billing service and our easy-to-use system means you can take advantage of maximum efficiency with minimum billing staff. You eliminate the need to hire, train, and retain extensive staff for billing purposes.

Every client, regardless of size, works with a dedicated account manager and a dedicated medical billing team. We CAN do complete data entry for you; you can view it day or night, online and in real-time. Or if you prefer, we will train your staff – for free – on our integrated and easy-to-use practice management software solution. In virtually no time, you and your entire staff will get up to speed.

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