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MedIT gets you up and running on our system in as little as three business days MedIT gets you up and running on our system in as little as three business days

Account receivables are the lifeblood of any business, and medical practices are no exception. You know that. And so do we.

As a result, we make certain that there is minimal interruption to your practice. You already know that to set up in in-house billing platform can take a long time. In our system, a new customer can be active within three business days, and can start entering patient information almost immediately.

After all, we are experts in EDI set-up and enrollment. We know the process inside out. We can confidently and efficiently handle all the necessary paperwork and get you on board with commercial and government insurance agencies. And your staff does not need to be tied up for days with the transition; we have knowledgeable experts who will key in all of your patient data in our system.

Think of it this way: by investing just a small amount of time, chances are very good that you can save a great deal of money in the long run. It’s more than worth it.

To find out more about Electronic Medical Records, click here. Or click on your specific topic of interest on the menu.

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