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MedIT provides a dedicated follow-up staff that is trained and experienced in problem resolution. MedIT provides a dedicated follow-up staff that is trained and experienced in problem resolution.

All too often, revenue falls through the cracks because outsourced billing firms are not aggressive enough in communicating with the customer and tracking down claims. At MedIT, our specialized professionals do everything in their power to make sure every penny you’ve earned gets delivered back to you.

We make certain that information is flowing back and forth so that we can move quickly to resolve your problems and get you paid fast. Here are our steps:
  • We review EOBs on a daily basis, immediately following up to ensure maximum reimbursement.
  • If claims are rejected, we know right away and quickly begin working to address the reason for the rejection so the claims can be quickly resubmitted.
  • We follow up on every disputed or unpaid claim to help you get payment for every submission. And we even take care of all your secondary and tertiary medical claim billing.
  • We keep you in the loop regularly – either by phone or through our sophisticated interactive tools. You can get online day or night and see just where we’re at in the process.
By switching to MedIT you can depend on us to clear the way to maximum profitability...every step of the way.

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