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MedIT offers some of the fastest collection times in the industry. MedIT offers some of the fastest collection times in the industry.

Every day that you don’t receive the revenue to which you’re entitled is another day that your cash flow is out of balance. Yet many outsourced medical billing services make you believe that it’s standard to wait for a month before they collect on your behalf. The problem comes down to two factors:
  1. Too many smaller medical billing services do not provide the latest online medical billing programs.
  2. Too many smaller medical billing services do not take the time or invest the money in hiring top trained personnel.
With an infrastructure like that – outdated billing programs and less-than-sterling personnel – these billing firms can only handle a few practices effectively. When they experience “growing pains” by adding more practices, everything suffers.

But what about the larger medical billing firms – the “big names”? The fact is, some of them are resting on their laurels. There are known benchmarks for insurance payment collection. Do you know what the normal collection time is for Aetna or some of the other leading medical billing services? You may be surprised.

MedIT offers one of the fastest payouts in the industry: just two weeks, on average, for Medicare and two to ten days for most commercial payers. By switching to MedIT, you can take advantage of our electronic billing service and our streamlined business processes, which help ensure that your practice is paid more quickly and accurately. And we have the references, case studies, and testimonials to prove it: just ask us.

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